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GAM Esports clinches the magnificent championship title of VCS Spring 2024

Vi Cao

Vi Cao

GAM Esports clinches the magnificent championship title of VCS Spring 2024

On Sunday, April 7, 2024, the pinnacle showdown of the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) Spring 2024, an esteemed tournament in the Vietnamese League of Legends scene, unfolded in a vibrant spectacle, capturing the attention of the entire Esports community. The prestigious stage bore witness to the epic clash between two juggernauts, GAM Esports and Vikings Esports.

In the realm of Vietnamese League of Legends, GAM Esports isn’t just a team; it stands as an emblem of unwavering prestige and a myriad of impressive accomplishments. The synergy between the dynamic duo Kiaya – Levi in the top and jungle positions brings forth an astonishing level of power.

GAM Esports

Meanwhile, Vikings Esports had just stepped into the VCS Spring 2024 tournament in its inaugural season. Nevertheless, this did not diminish their allure. Spearheaded by the legendary SofM, Vikings Esports held all three crucial positions: founder, head coach, and player. This set a high standard of expectations for their journey in the competition.

During the group stage, GAM Esports secured the second spot after Team Secret, establishing a firm foothold. On the other hand, Vikings Esports, despite being more modest, also held their ground in the top 4, asserting their strength.

However, a severe setback occurred upon entering the playoffs. Regrettably, 32 players and coaches were suspended due to ethical misconduct, causing a stir within the Esports community.

The significant loss of personnel prompted teams to urgently recruit and bring back veterans who had long been absent from the competitive scene, such as Optimus and Killerqueen. Of notable mention is the return of SofM. He assumed the support role for VKE and propelled the team to new heights, leaving the entire Esports community in awe. Additionally, GAM Esports revamped their lineup with EasyLove and BigKoro.

GAM ESports in playoffs

Under the tactical guidance of SofM, VKE underwent a remarkable transformation, becoming stronger than ever. The team fearlessly faced and defeated both GAM and TS in the winner’s bracket, causing a sensation not only within the Esports community but also among fans. With fervent spirit, VKE confidently entered the grand final, determined to seize the prestigious crown.

GAM Esports

At the most crucial moments, the resilience and courage of GAM were evident. They executed an impressive comeback from the loser’s bracket, marking a shining example of team fighting spirit. Particularly, their remarkable mental fortitude proved highly effective for young player Emo, who faced numerous challenges. Under the guidance and encouragement of his seniors, Emo underwent a remarkable transformation. From a hesitant and error-prone rookie, Emo shone brightly in the latter stages of the playoffs. This represents a significant step forward, not only for him but also for the overall development of GAM Esports.

GAM ESports in VCS Spring 2024
With a convincing 3-1 victory over the formidable Vikings Esports, led by SofM, GAM Esports has officially clinched the championship title of the VCS Spring 2024 tournament.

The trio of Kiaya – Levi – Emo forged an incredibly strong top lane. This combination allowed GAM to deploy a flexible and sharp wing play, causing considerable difficulties for VKE to counter. Although SofM had shining moments to sustain VKE’s position, they couldn’t avoid defeat with a score of 1-3.

Defeating a former world runner-up is a significant milestone, enabling GAM Esports to continue its dominance in the Vietnamese League of Legends scene. This marks the team’s fifth consecutive championship at the VCS. Alongside the title and prize money, they will also be awarded a ticket to participate in the international MSI 2024 tournament, providing an opportunity to showcase the strength of the Vietnamese League of Legends on the global stage.

Following GAM Esports’ triumph, the team’s CEO, TK Nguyen, posted on his personal Facebook page:

TK Nguyen, Kiaya, Levi in VCS Spring 2024

After the historic journey at Worlds 2023, we faced a year filled with challenges. Under the leadership of Captain Levi and Kiaya, we embarked on a journey to rebuild the team with new faces and strategies, while still maintaining the unwavering spirit of GAM. This year, the constant support from all of you has been our greatest encouragement.

The news of league investigations came as a shock and disappointment to us. However, it reminded us of the determination to elevate esports in Vietnam. We have achieved remarkable milestones such as gold medals at SEAGames31, victory on the world stage, recognition from Forbes, TikTok Awards, WeChoice Awards, and the title of Esports Grandmaster. These milestones belong not only to us but to the entire community, those who believe in the power and inspiration of esports.

We faced adversity and never gave up. In every match, we found our strength and rhythm. The VCS finals marked our comeback with an extraordinary victory, clinching our 10th VCS title and a significant milestone in Coach Archie’s career.

The fans’ belief has been a crucial driving force behind this victory. As we set our sights on MSI 2024 in China, we carry with us the hopes and dreams of a nation. Your support is a vital weapon in every step of our journey.

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