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GAM emerged victorious in the Best of Gaming/Esports category at TikTok Awards Vietnam 2023

Vi Cao

Vi Cao

GAM emerged victorious in the Best of Gaming/Esports category at TikTok Awards Vietnam 2023

GAM Esports, the leading League of Legends team in Vietnam for the 2023 season, has added another impressive achievement to their outstanding profile. On November 25, 2023, at the TikTok Vietnam 2023 awards ceremony held at the White Palace Vo Van Kiet, the team secured the prestigious “Best Of Gaming” award.

GAM Esports stands out as the most exceptional Esports team in LMHT Vietnam for the 2023 season. Their success on the Summoner’s Rift is further complemented by recent recognition at the TikTok Vietnam 2023 awards, where they received the “Best Of Gaming – Gaming/Esports Content Channel of the Year” award.

 TikTok Awards Vietnam 2023

TikTok Awards Vietnam 2023, the pinnacle event of the year, aims to celebrate the creative and passionate talents that have successfully captivated the small screen and positively contributed to the community. With the theme “Big On The Small Screen – Honoring Great Achievements on the Small Screen,” the event features 18 categories with 94 nominees, recognizing outstanding content and creators on the platform. Winners are determined by audience votes through TikTok Vietnam’s online voting system.

TK Nguyen


At the event, representing GAM Esports, Mr. TK Nguyen expressed: “2024 will be a meaningful and developmental journey. This year, we will collaborate to foster growth, build a strong community, and achieve successes that can make the Vietnamese people proud of GAM Esports.”

@gamesportsvn Cùng nhìn lại một năm 2023 đầy bùng nổ của không chỉ GAM mà cả ngành Esports ở Việt Nam nói chung! 🫶#GamingOnTikTok #TikTokAwardsVN2023 #GAMTIME #lmht #GAMesports #Worlds2023 ♬ nhạc nền – GAM ESPORTS OFFICIAL

Before the TikTok Awards 2023 ceremony, on GAM Esports’ TikTok channel, Mr. TK Nguyen shared thoughts on reflecting upon the explosive year of 2023, not only for GAM but also for the Esports industry in Vietnam. He stated: “Looking back on the past year, you all know the path to success has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. GAM has achieved numerous VCS titles and represented Vietnam on the global stage at MSI in London, the Asia Games in Hangzhou, China, and even the World Championship in Seoul, South Korea. This is evidence of our talented gamers and the dedicated staff within our organization.

At the World Championship 2023, after overcoming opponents to reach the Swiss stage and securing a victory against Team Liquid, it showcased the strength and spirit of VCS globally. Furthermore, esports entertainment was featured in Forbes magazine. This highlights the growth, recognition, and respect the esports industry is gaining. So, as we look to the future, the growth of esports and gaming in Vietnam is undeniable. The enthusiastic support from fans, especially those worldwide, reaffirms my belief that we are entering a new era in esports entertainment. 2024 promises to be an even more exciting and groundbreaking year for all of us.”

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