Keep your eyes on the future
and your hands in the work

Have a transformative
idea or want to
accelerate the growth
of your business?



Create category-leading companies
that will positively impact a billion lives


We take a hands-on approach to venture building,

working closely with founders and entrepreneurs to cultivate high-growth leadership cultures


A Strong Company Culture is Our Most Valuable Asset

We top-grade
the best

We actively seek out exceptional individuals and ventures poised to make a significant impact. Our commitment to top-grade talent and opportunities reflects our dedication to meaningful outcomes.

We celebrate
the progress

We celebrate every small step taken on the journey, understanding that these incremental advancements ultimately lead to significant accomplishments over time.

We fail

We recognize that failure is an inevitable part of progress. At CMG Venture Lab, we view failures as stepping stones toward success. We embrace reflection, learning, and growth, enabling us to continue moving forward with resilience.

We innovate
to add value

Innovation for us is about crafting solutions that truly matter. By addressing meaningful challenges, we ensure that every innovation adds substantial value to others. Our focus remains on making a positive difference.

We stay relevent
by being responsive

Staying relevant in a rapidly changing world requires attentiveness and adaptability. At CMG Venture Lab, we heed entrepreneurial wisdom and prioritize responsiveness to our clients, community, and the ever-evolving market landscape.

We cultivate

Building a lasting and socially responsible company is not a solitary endeavor. Through conscious efforts, we foster a community of like-minded leaders who share our values. This alignment amplifies the collective impact our portfolio brands can have on their communities.


Welcome to the CMG.ASIA Venture Lab, where entrepreneurship, innovation, and social impact converge to create category-leading startups. Our lab embraces a science-based approach to accelerating company growth; teaching founders how to create dynamic cultures that cultivate high-performance and high-growth teams. With our expert guidance, industry connections, and comprehensive resources, we empower startups to accelerate their growth, refine their business models, and conquer challenges.

Our lab serves as a catalyst for innovation, providing a collaborative space where like-minded entrepreneurs can network, exchange ideas, and collaborate on meaningful projects. By gaining acceptance into our venture lab, you unlock a wealth of opportunities, receive mentorship from seasoned professionals, and find the support necessary to turn your ideas into reality. Unleash your potential and embark on a transformative journey of improving lives through entrepreneurial success.

What Our Founders Say

James Lambert

Chairman of Maison/ Founder of Hello Health Group

CMG's Venture lab not only helped accelerated our company's growth but also spearheaded our inaugural funding round, attracting exceptional investors and board members."

Lam Thanh Kim

CEO of MOI Cosmetic

The team at CMG have provided invaluable ongoing support, mentorship and training to myself and the MOI Cosmetic's leadership team helping us grow into the leading domestic cosmetic brand in Vietnam.

TK Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO of GAM Entertainment

Participating in the CMG Venture Lab provided me unparalleled access to CEO-caliber insights and time-tested strategies, effectively transforming my business outlook and operational excellence for global competitiveness.

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