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Mr. Randy Dobson Receives the Businessman of the Year 2017 Awards



The Businessman of the Year 2017 Awards was a momentous occasion, prompting contemplation on what defines greatness in the business world. The event posed a fundamental question: What qualities set apart exceptional businessmen and businesswomen? The answer lies in a combination of factors—location, passion, creativity, and style. A remarkable business person is not just identified by their achievements but by a distinctive aura that reflects their internal character, business vision, and ambitious spirit.

The ceremony welcomed a distinguished representative, Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA, who played a pivotal role in presenting the prestigious awards. As a significant figure, he embodies the essence of a great business leader, representing not only his company but also the Australian government on this esteemed platform.

In a moment of anticipation, Randy Dobson was unveiled as the recipient of The Businessman of the Year 2017 Awards. His reaction was genuine and heartfelt as he expressed his gratitude and astonishment at the honor. In his acceptance speech, Randy Dobson acknowledged the collective effort of all individuals and team members at CMG.ASIA, emphasizes the company’s decade-long commitment to making life better and adding value to people’s lives.

The acknowledgment and recognition received from Elle and the broader community left Dobson nearly speechless, emphasizing the magnitude of the honor. The profound impact of CMG’s mission and the dedication of its team members were at the forefront, making the award not just a personal achievement but a collective triumph for the entire CMG.ASIA family. The event encapsulated the essence of leadership, vision, and commitment, highlighting Randy Dobson as a beacon of success and inspiration in the business world.

Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA said: “Wow, what a tremendous honor and surprise! I have to say that being recognized as Businessman of the Year is truly an honor that goes to all the people, and all of our team members at CMG. We’ve been operating for 10 years with one premise, and that is to make life better, find ways to add value to people’s lives, and be honored by Elle and recognized for what we’ve done is honestly just a tremendous honor, and I’m almost speechless. It’s really amazing”.

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