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Making life better is not just a commitment, but a promise and a vision crafted nearly a decade ago by the founding members of CMG Asia. Since the inception of our first California Fitness and Yoga Center in 2007, we have been dedicated to educating and inspiring people to surpass their limits. With over 3,000 team members, we’ve grown into a company that serves over a hundred thousand clients, operating across fitness, medical and beauty services, retail distribution, and media and entertainment.

Our strategic platform of businesses creates a unique lifestyle ecosystem, enhancing the overall quality of life for our clients. We’re passionate about delivering the most entertaining and life-enhancing services, and our commitment to corporate responsibility has been recognized. With a strategic financial partner, Mizuho Asia Partners, we’ve paved the way to becoming a lifestyle business platform. Our expansion into media and entertainment, retail distribution, and medical services reflects our dedication to providing more than just fitness. The journey since 2013 has been transformative, exceeding expectations, and we’re excited to continue making life better for everyone we touch.

Since 2013, our journey has seen significant milestones. We welcomed Mizuho Asia Partners as a strategic financial partner, establishing CMG Fitness Holdings and evolving into a lifestyle business platform. Our core remains in fitness, managing 18 portfolio brands across four major sectors, including fitness, medical and beauty services, retail distribution, and media and entertainment. With over 2,500 team members across seven cities in Vietnam and six countries in Asia, we lead the way for millions to live a better life. Recognized as one of the top 100 companies to work for, our commitment to corporate responsibility is unwavering.

We continue to make impactful investments in startups through CA Ignite Business Accelerator, celebrating successes and expanding our reach. CMG Asia is at the forefront of transformative change, redefining industries and placing fitness and entertainment at the heart of the new global life enhancement movement. Our dedication to adding value to every industry we touch remains the driving force behind our journey.

In 2013, CA Active was launched, attracting nearly 20,000 daily shoppers and offering a One-Stop shopping solution. Expanding into media, we formed California Media Group in 2014, encompassing advertising, studio production, digital marketing, and talent management.

Further diversification occurred in 2015 with the establishment of Eri International clinics, led by Dr. Eri Katagiri, offering advanced anti-aging solutions. Our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship led to the creation of CA Ignite Business Accelerator in 2015, supporting early-stage startups with investment and mentorship. This initiative has raised over $2 million in seed round investments for various startups, covering sectors from med-tech to digital media.

In the entertainment realm, CMG Studios, a joint venture with Yawan Media Network, was launched, producing box office feature films for the Vietnam market. With two films in production for 2016 and four more in the pipeline, CMG Asia continues to shape the entertainment landscape.

Through strategic partnerships with global firms like Grant Thornton, we empower new companies to rapidly expand, creating opportunities for exponential growth. CA Ignite has successfully raised over $2 million in seed round investments for startups, spanning med tech, mobile health, digital media, and marketing. Additionally, California Media Group proudly announces the launch of CMG Studios in collaboration with Yawan Media Network, set to produce box office feature films for the Vietnam market. Two exciting films are already in production for 2016, with four more on the horizon.

As CMG Asia stands at the intersection of humanity and innovation, our transformative journey since 2007 reflects an unwavering commitment to making life better. We’ve not only evolved into one of Asia’s leading Life Enhancement companies, transforming lives across diverse sectors, but we’ve remained true to our original mission. In the dynamic landscape of changing businesses, technologies, and trends, our dedication to adding value and making life better for our clients stands timeless.

Looking ahead, CMG Asia is poised to become one of the most influential and transformative companies in Southeast Asia. We are set to redefine entire industries, placing Fitness and entertainment at the core of the new Global Life Enhancement movements. Continually focused on our mission, we persist in adding value to every industry we touch, ensuring a future where making life better remains a timeless pursuit.

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