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CMG.ASIA Best Place To Work #XYMLB




Tonight marks our 2018 CMG.ASIA Best Place to Work Awards – an occasion to honor our dedicated team. In the past decade, our CMG family has grown to over 3,000 members. As a testament to our expansion, we are moving into a new corporate headquarters this year. With over a hundred thousand clients and members served across our clinics and clubs, we continue to seek prime locations for their convenience.

In our pursuit of excellence, we’re upgrading and replacing older facilities with state-of-the-art clubs. We have exciting plans, including four new fitness locations and three additional medical clinics. Collaborating with our media and entertainment divisions, we aim to further develop captivating content for Vietnam. Last year, our media content reached an impressive 50 to 60 million, showcasing our dynamic growth.

And on this special evening, CMG.ASIA Best Place to Work Awards, Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA took the stage to share his thoughts. Tonight, with around 2,000 people celebrating, we are having a blast. Looking ahead, we’re eager for the next 10 years of serving Vietnam and making life better for everyone.

The Best Place to Work Awards criteria

The Best Place to Work Awards is a distinguished recognition program with criteria centered around fostering an exceptional work environment. It acknowledges organizations that prioritize employee well-being, professional development, and overall job satisfaction. The key criteria often include:

1. Workplace Culture: Assessing the organization’s values, diversity and inclusion efforts, and the overall culture that promotes collaboration and employee engagement.

2. Employee Benefits: Evaluating the comprehensive benefits offered, including health and wellness programs, flexible work arrangements, and other perks that contribute to employees’ quality of life.

3. Professional Development: Recognizing initiatives that support continuous learning, training opportunities, and career advancement for employees.

4. Leadership and Management: Assessing the effectiveness of leadership in fostering a positive work environment, effective communication, and supportive management practices.

5. Work-Life Balance: Recognizing efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance for employees, which can include flexible hours, remote work options, and family-friendly policies.

6. Innovation and Creativity: Acknowledging organizations that encourage innovation, creativity, and a dynamic work environment that inspires employees.

7. Employee Recognition: Recognizing the importance of acknowledging and appreciating employees’ contributions through various recognition programs.

8. Corporate Social Responsibility: Assessing the organization’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility, contributing to a sense of purpose among employees.

These criteria collectively contribute to identifying workplaces that go above and beyond in creating a positive, inclusive, and fulfilling work experience for their employees.


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