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“I Am More Than You See” Campaign by California Fitness & Yoga



“I AM MORE THAN YOU SEE” Campaign by California Fitness & Yog

California Fitness & Yoga commemorates its 10th anniversary with the launch of the “I Am More Than You See” (#IAMMORE) community project.

This marks the first time that CFYC has embarked on such a large-scale campaign throughout 2017, conveying the message: “Train not just your body, but also your health and willpower to help you overcome all challenges and difficulties in life, enabling success and a better life. You can become a better version of yourself and achieve all your dreams if you believe in your own strength and keep moving forward.” Right from the start, this campaign received enthusiastic support from artists, entrepreneurs, and influential figures in Vietnam.

The campaign is presented in the form of a series of 2-minute short films that convey stories, messages, and life inspiration shared by the project’s participants with the public. The campaign begins with the first short film, which tells the inspirational story of singer Vu Cat Tuong.

Vu Cat Tuong

Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA, the management group behind California Fitness & Yoga, stated: “After 10 years of development in Vietnam with the mission of making life better, we have had the opportunity to witness many inspiring stories from our members, people who have transformed their lives. From these inspiring stories, we want to share a part of them with everyone. Each of us has our own story and the potential to become a better version of ourselves. Our goal with the “I Am More Than You See” campaign is to inspire all Vietnamese people to achieve their life goals and dreams. In this journey, please know that California Fitness is always here to accompany you.”

Randy Dobson

To ensure the campaign has a significant impact and resonates with young people, CFYC also organized a photo and video contest called “#IAMMORE,” encouraging young people to train their bodies and willpower, overcome life’s challenges and difficulties, and strive for success and a better life. CFYC will select the best and most inspirational content, with valuable awards for the winners.

Vu Cat Tuong with her fans

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