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LEEP.APP, CMG.ASIA Group donated 500 gifts, shares with Central Vietnam residents



LEEP.APP, CMG.ASIA group donates 500 gifts, shares with central Vietnam residents

In a gesture of solidarity with the people of Central Vietnam as they navigate through challenging times and recover from the aftermath of storms and floods, LEEP APP donated has joined hands to provide essential gifts to 500 disadvantaged households in the Vinh Long, Vinh Lam, and Vinh Thuy communes of Quang Tri province.

Following a complex and prolonged period of heavy rainfall and flooding in October, many households in Central Vietnam find themselves facing difficult circumstances. Numerous areas traversed by the flood have suffered severe damage.

To promptly alleviate hardships and support fellow citizens in Central Vietnam in their swift recovery from flood-related losses, representatives from LEEP.APP, part of the CMG.ASIA Group was present in the struggling communes of Quang Tri to deliver practical gifts to families significantly impacted by the flood and storm.

People look forward to receiving support to stabilize family life after heavy rains and floods in October.

Specifically, representatives from LEEP.APP and the CMG.ASIA Group visited, offered words of encouragement, and distributed gifts to 500 impoverished and disadvantaged households in the Vinh Long, Vinh Lam, and Vinh Thuy communes of Quang Tri province.

Hand-deliver gifts

It is worth noting that the consecutive floods have resulted in devastating losses of crops, livestock, and valuable assets for the flood-affected communities. Some families are currently facing extremely challenging circumstances.

Many meaningful gifts

For several years, the CMG.ASIA Group has organized various community-oriented activities. “In addition to providing health and fitness solutions to the people through Vietnam’s leading fitness platform, LEEP.APP, the CMG.ASIA Group consistently engages in socially meaningful initiatives. Among them are efforts to assist those affected by natural disasters, contributing to the dear Central Vietnam community’s resilience and rebuilding, aligned with our guiding principle of ‘Making Life Better,’ which we have nurtured over the past decade,” stated Huyen Phan, Executive Director and Joint Leadership Member of the CMG.ASIA Group.

People gathered to receive gifts

Over its 14 years of establishment and growth in Vietnam, the CMG.ASIA Group has organized numerous meaningful activities, including the Blood is Life humanitarian blood donation program, the Star Run charity run in Can Tho, the MOVIE 21 program supporting frontline doctors in the fight against COVID-19, providing training equipment to various communities, and sponsoring the Olympic and SEA Games participation of Vietnam’s national sports teams. These activities underscore the group’s commitment and responsibility to the community, aligned with their mission of “Making Life Better.”

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