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CMG Asia Leadership Summit 2017




At CMG ASIA Leadership Summit 2017, Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA said: “How can I create the highest level of clarity for my team so they understand where it is that we’re going? How do I get the team in a peak emotional state? How do I get them feeling good? If I want the team to get a new perspective, I need to give them an experience that’s going to give them A New Perspective.

The best way for anybody to learn something is to let them experience it firsthand. So, when we do these Summits, it’s like, ‘Let’s get the team away. Let’s figure out how we can create an experience that is going to enhance their life first, giving them the gift of a better quality of life. Make life better for them.’

And then, in that state, when they’re feeling good, when they’re feeling happy and excited, get them to work on their business. And then, in that process of feeling good, they’re able to come up with much better plans and strategies – feeling good about what they’ve accomplished and what they’re doing. In that state, allow them to create strategies and plans for moving.”

The overall message is clear: By prioritizing experiences, well-being, and positivity, teams can achieve heightened clarity, creativity, and strategic thinking. The CMG ASIA Leadership Summit 2017 serves as a platform for this philosophy, enabling teams to create impactful strategies in an optimal state of well-being and positivity.

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