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CMG.ASIA Family Cancer Foundation - Sharing the Pain with Cancer Patients Fund



CMG.ASIA Family Cancer Foundation - Sharing the Pain with Cancer Patients Fund

For the past 11 years since its inception, CMG.ASIA has consistently committed to and upheld the mission of making life better – “Making Life Better.” At the CMG.ASIA Fitness & Entertainment Awards ceremony, Mr. Randy Dobson, the Chairman of CMG.ASIA delivered an emotional speech about the establishment of the CMG ASIA Family Cancer Foundation.

Sustaining the mission of making life better, CMG.ASIA extended family is honored to accompany everyone in building a healthy community. Along with this development is the birth of the CMG Family Foundation, which has seen numerous acts of charity, including the construction of homes, the digging of wells, and assistance to children and the elderly to alleviate their burdens. This is a source of pride and commitment from Mr. Randy.

Vietnam ranks among the top 2 countries with the highest cancer rates in the world In 2000, Vietnam had about 69,000 new cancer cases. In 2015, it rose to 150,000 new cancer cases. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of new cancer patients in Vietnam would reach approximately 200,000 people. Thus, the cancer situation has been steadily increasing year by year.

Currently, Vietnam sees more than 126,000 new cancer cases each year, with around 94,000 people dying from cancer. Most patients seek treatment in the late stages, making treatment more challenging and costly. For cancer patients, early detection makes treatment simpler, whereas delayed treatment leads to less favorable outcomes. This is the primary reason why the cancer survival rate in our country is lower than in developed countries.

According to experts, the rapid increase in cancer cases in recent years can be attributed to three main factors: contaminated food, environmental pollution, and increased life expectancy. Unsafe food is the leading factor, accounting for about 35%. Professor Nguyen Ba Duc, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Cancer Society, believes that the causes include the contamination of harmful substances, pesticides used in agricultural production, preservatives, as well as the process of cooking and smoking food or the unscientific eating habits of the population, which includes a lack of vegetables and fruits.

The health of thousands of Vietnamese people is seriously threatened by cancer

The health of thousands of Vietnamese people is seriously threatened by cancer (Photo: TOBE)

CMG.ASIA Family Cancer Foundation shares the pain with cancer patients In a recent speech, Chairman Randy Dobson shared, “At the beginning of this year, we decided to focus on the CMG charity fund – which has been renamed ‘CMG Family Cancer Foundation’ to help cancer patients and their families during cancer treatment and recovery. The CMG Family Cancer Foundation is a fund that supports cancer patients, especially children and their loved ones. All the revenue generated from the business activities of the CMG.ASIA will be partly allocated as operational expenses for this fund.”

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