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Explore Advisory Services: Unlocking the Door to Success



Explore Advisory Services: Unlocking the Door to Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the demand for strategic guidance and high-level expertise has never been more vital. Enter the realm of advisory services, the transformative backbone for enterprises worldwide.

With an unwavering focus on innovative strategies and progressive thinking, these services play a pivotal role as the cornerstone for businesses looking to tackle complexities and capitalize on emerging opportunities. From financial consulting to management advisory, Advisory Services epitomize the epitome of tailored solutions and profound industry insights, enabling organizations not only to thrive but also to redefine industry standards.

Join us as we delve into the world of Advisory Services, where every decision is a strategic step toward unparalleled success.

What are Advisory Services?

What are Advisory Services?

American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) defines advisory services as those services where the practitioner “researches, analyzes and finds information or results to provide conclusions or insights useful for client decision-making and consideration.” AICPA also provides additional examples of advisory services including “conducting operational reviews and improvement studies, analyzing accounting systems, assisting with strategic planning, and defining requirements for information systems.” While informative, this definition appears more formal and narrower compared to how practitioners describe advisory services within their firms.

In a recent Intuit® Tax Council roundtable, company owners defined advisory services as “embracing client challenges and applying strategies to create opportunities for their growth.” This definition leans towards outcomes more than the AICPA’s definition, yet still aligns with AICPA’s recommendations for client consideration and decision-making.

Discover The Best Advisory Solutions For You

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a strategy focused on identifying potential leaders and high-potential employees, aiding them in development and advancement within their organization. It is immensely crucial because as an organization grows, it can save costs by developing existing staff for key positions rather than hiring new employees. Providing employees with a clear career path through succession planning can also enhance their engagement and retention.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not prioritize succession planning, opting to focus on business development rather than the growth of their employees. Among those organizations that do have succession plans, 54% employ informal methods or largely doubt the effectiveness of their succession plans.

Strategic Business Advisory

Strategic Business Advisory

Strategic Business Advisory is a pivotal component of modern enterprises, guiding decision-makers through the complexities of the corporate landscape. It encompasses a diverse range of services aimed at optimizing business performance, fostering growth, and mitigating risks.

From advising on market entry strategies to optimizing operational efficiency, Strategic Business Advisory serves as a compass for businesses navigating the ever-evolving marketplace.

By leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise, investment advisors help businesses identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and formulate robust strategies to achieve their objectives. In today’s dynamic business environment, Strategic Business Advisory is not just a luxury but a necessity for organizations seeking sustainable success and competitive advantage.

Management Consulting

Advisory Services include Management Consulting

Management consulting is a vital component of strategic business development, offering invaluable insights and guidance to organizations navigating complex challenges and seeking growth opportunities. These consultants bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, helping companies optimize their operations, streamline processes, and achieve their objectives more efficiently. With a keen understanding of market dynamics and industry trends, management consultants provide tailored solutions that drive innovation and enhance competitiveness. Their objective analysis and strategic recommendations empower businesses to make informed decisions, adapt to changing landscapes, and thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Financial Consulting

Advisory Services include Financial Consulting

Financial advisory services are designed to assist businesses in optimizing profits and financial efficiency. Experienced advisors collaborate closely with companies to identify growth opportunities, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions to enhance profitability. Through comprehensive analysis and strategic planning, financial advisors provide tailored recommendations to help businesses achieve their financial goals and navigate complex financial landscapes. By leveraging their expertise and industry insights, businesses can gain a competitive edge and drive sustainable growth.

Advisory Board

Advisory Services and Advisory Board

The advisory board comprises seasoned industry experts, accomplished entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives with a wealth of knowledge and experience that enriches the business ecosystem. With members of the advisory board, you’ll receive training and guidance from the best in the industry. Dedicated business advisors and coaches assist you in overcoming business challenges, providing invaluable insights, and helping unleash your full potential.

CMG’s Advisory Board

In providing quality advisory services, the advisory board plays a pivotal role. They are the experts with deep knowledge and extensive experience in the advisory field, providing guidance and direction to clients in making strategic decisions and developing plans for the future. Refer to CMG.ASIA’s prestigious advisory board to witness the strength and expertise we bring.

Randy Dobson, Chairman of CMG.ASIA

Randy Dobson

Randy Dobson is the Chairman of CMG.ASIA, is a leading firm specializing in the lifestyle and wellness industry. He has a storied career and has been recognized with numerous business awards and featured in multiple prestigious publications such as Forbes. Randy is a visionary entrepreneur with over two decades of experience creating and growing successful businesses, including the largest luxury gym chain in Vietnam.

Huyen Phan, COO & Managing Partner of CMG.ASIA

Huyen Phan

With over a decade of experience, Huyen Phan joined the company in 2009 and played a key role in its growth and success from a fitness company to a multi-disciplinary venture builder, leading the media division and managing projects and campaigns.

As Managing Partner, Huyen Phan oversees daily operations, production, and business planning for multiple portfolio businesses and fosters a results-driven, accountable work environment. With her strong background in communication and marketing, she is a valuable mentor to the executive teams of CMG’s portfolio investments, providing critical insights for scaling a business from early stage to market leader.

Ken Atkinson OBE, Founder of Grant Thornton Vietnam

Ken Atkinson

Ken Atkinson started his career in international banking, with over 45 years of emerging market experience and 40 years of Asian experience, Ken has undertaken corporate finance transactions in many emerging markets worldwide (Eastern Europe, the People’s Republic of China, and several other countries in South East Asia).

Ken has been working almost exclusively in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR during the last 30 years and was the Founder of Grant Thornton Vietnam, a member firm of Grant Thornton International.

Gary Dugan, CEO and Founder of The Global CIO Office

Gary Dugan

Gary Dugan is the CEO and founder of The Global CIO Office, offering asset allocation and investment advice to families and boutique institutional platforms. He began his career in the City of London, rising as a portfolio manager and market strategist for prominent asset managers and investment banks, including the National Coal Board pension funds, Eagle Star, and Morgan Grenfell. Joining JPMorgan in 1993, he served as their European equity market strategist and later as MD and CIO of multi-asset portfolios.

Gary managed investments for prestigious clients and received S&P awards. He also advised the OECD, European corporate boards, and the European Parliament. His extensive experience includes roles as CIO at Barclays Wealth, Merrill Lynch, and the UAE’s largest banks, FAB and Emirates NBD. In 2016, he was named Private Banker of the Year by Wealth Briefing.

David McCann, Co-founder and CEO of AOP Capital

David McCann

David McCann is the CEO and a founding partner of AOP Capital Limited based in Hong Kong. His business acumen is built on decades of entrepreneurial success in venture capital, private equity, and business, with a keen focus on bringing value and generating robust returns through partnerships. His career is marked by a proven record of building thriving companies and a diverse portfolio that encompasses mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising across the Asia-Pacific region, USA, and EU. David’s expertise also shines in scaling up businesses and executing both business and investment strategies for growth.

TK Nguyen, Co-Founder & CEO of GAM Entertainment

TK Nguyen

TK Nguyen is a seasoned professional in the entertainment and hospitality industry with over 15 years of experience. He has a proven track record in creating unique and memorable experiences as the founder of Skylight Nha Trang, a popular rooftop beach club that has become one of Vietnam’s top tourist destinations.

TK has taken his passion for connecting cultures and bringing people together to new heights as the CEO of GAM Entertainment Group. In this role, TK leads the company’s mission to unite and inspire the world through esports entertainment. The success of Vietnam’s 8x Championship team and SEA Games Gold winner, GAM Esports, showcases TK’s ability to build and grow brands that leave a lasting impact.

James Lambert, Chairman of Maison/ Founder of Hello Health Group

James Lambert

With a track record of co-founding several ventures in Southeast Asia and presently serving as the Chairman of Maison Group, James Miles-Lambert stands as an accomplished business leader. In his role as Executive Chairman, he adeptly manages growth strategies, legal affairs, risk mitigation, M&A, and brand extension. Noteworthy is Hello Health Group’s expansive reach across 9 markets, engaging 37 million monthly users. Holding a Master’s in International Relations from the University of Nottingham, complementing his regional and cross-industry expertise, James provides invaluable insights to those he guides.

Hoang Ha, Founder of Hoang Ha & Associates

Hoang Ha

Mr. Vu Hoang Ha is the founder and managing director of Hoang Ha & Associates. He is a corporate lawyer with more than 20 years of experience. His diverse legal experience has helped him to have the ability to thoroughly analyze the strategies and goals of corporations to effectively guide businesses through the complexities of governmental regulations and corporate compliance requirements, while consistently maximizing shareholder value. Mr. Ha Vu Hoang graduated from the University of Law of Ho Chi Minh City in 2001 and received his master’s degree in international law from Transnational Law and Business University in Seoul, Korea in 2005. He was admitted to the Bar Association of Ho Chi Minh City and is a member of the Vietnam Bar Federation.

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