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M.O.I Cosmetics received two prestigious awards at L'Officiel Beauty Choice Awards 2023

Vi Cao

Vi Cao

M.O.I Cosmetics received two prestigious awards at L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2023

M.O.I Cosmetics, a leading cosmetics brand in Vietnam, has recently won two prestigious awards at the L’Officiel Beauty Choice Awards 2023, affirming the brand’s attractiveness and product quality in the domestic cosmetics market.

The L’Officiel Beauty Choice Awards is an annual event organized by L’Officiel Vietnam magazine, one of the world’s oldest fashion publications, to honor outstanding products, brands, and individuals in the beauty industry both domestically and internationally. Particularly, during the award ceremony held on the evening of December 18th, M.O.I Cosmetics pleasantly surprised attendees by winning two significant awards with nearly perfect scores from reputable beauty experts and bloggers. This recognition is a testament to the over 5-year journey of relentless dedication by the young and passionate M.O.I Cosmetics team, coupled with the support of millions of loyal customers.

The first award in the makeup category, “Best Cushion of the Year 2023,” has been claimed by M.O.I Cosmetics’ Premium Baby Skin Cushion line, surpassing other well-known international names. This demonstrates that a local brand with top-notch manufacturing partners and a deep understanding of domestic needs will maintain a competitive advantage over brands with foreign investments targeting larger markets.

Furthermore, the brand was honored for the second time with the prestigious award for “Best Local Makeup Brand Of The Year.” During the ceremony, Founder and Creative Director Ho Ngoc Ha couldn’t hide her emotions and pride in the brand’s outstanding achievements over the past year.

Ho Ngoc Ha receive award at L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2023


At the L’Officiel Beauty Choice Awards 2023, Ho Ngoc Ha, the Co-founder, expressed, “This award doesn’t belong to me alone but is a recognition for the entire young and passionate team at M.O.I. She extended her gratitude to the advisory board and, notably, to the customers who have trusted the products over time. With over 5 million products reaching consumers, M.O.I Cosmetics has created job opportunities for many Vietnamese women. The Creative Director hopes that each beauty campaign will bring positive changes to the lives of women in the small regions of Vietnam.”

Ho Ngoc Ha Share thoughts at L'Officiel Beauty Awards 2023

Ho Ngoc Ha also conveys a message to all women to be confident and beautify themselves without sacrificing too much. The narrative around beauty often makes women feel the need for substantial financial investment. That’s why M.O.I Cosmetics was established, to provide high-quality products that are affordable and cater to the preferences of Vietnamese women, helping them enhance their beauty and boost their confidence without breaking the bank.

CMG.ASIA is also proud of the brand’s success as it has been a strategic investor in M.O.I Cosmetics since 2019.

The Premium Baby Skin Cushion brings prestige to M.O.I Cosmetics

Premium Baby Skin Cushion brings fame to M.O.I Cosmetics

Launched in May 2023, the Premium Baby Skin Cushion is an upgraded version from the Best-seller line of M.O.I Cosmetics – the Baby Skin Cushion. With its perfect coverage ability and the creation of a thin, light, and smooth-matte finish, this product has been warmly welcomed by customers.

In just over 6 months since its release, over 58,000 units of the Premium Baby Skin Cushion have been sold. This is a remarkable achievement for the Vietnamese cosmetics market, demonstrating the brand’s quality and reputation.

Upon closer inspection, the Premium Baby Skin line is highly praised for its excellent coverage ability, creating a thin, light, and smooth-matte finish. The standout feature of this upgraded version is its superior advanced technology and the super HA formula containing 75% skincare ingredients, providing moisturizing and beautifying effects over time. Additionally, the oil control feature, long-lasting makeup, and non-fading color for 6-8 hours have also received high praise from experts. Hence, M.O.I Cosmetics rightfully earned the Best Cushion Of The Year 2023 award.

Looking back at the journey to conquer the position of the leading makeup brand in Vietnam by M.O.I Cosmetics

Throughout its development, 2023 is considered a successful year for M.O.I Cosmetics with extensive communication campaigns, showcasing the strength of the brand. Notably, the consecutive sell-out of products with the launch of the 5th-anniversary makeup collection and the introduction of the Love M.O.I lipstick collection, which created a buzz in episode 8 of The New Mentor program. In just 2 days, over 15,368 lipsticks were sold.

Recently, M.O.I Cosmetics also achieved success by expanding into new markets with the limited edition premium perfume line, Destiny, introduced at Aeon Mall Tan Phu. This event attracted thousands of attendees and sold over 10,000 bottles in just 9 days, setting a record for unprecedented revenue and reputation.

Simultaneously, M.O.I Cosmetics does not forget its long-term mission to expand the product portfolio. New products are updated every 3-6 months, ensuring there are always excellent products that keep up with beauty trends worldwide to bring the best to Vietnamese customers.

After 5 challenging years, M.O.I has achieved significant success on its development path. Starting with the sale of 30,000 Hongocha’s Secret lipsticks within the first 24 hours, M.O.I has now sold nearly 5 million products. M.O.I’s distribution network has spread nationwide with over 1,000 distribution partners and presence in 90 stores of reputable distribution chains such as Guardian, BeautyBox, MediCare, demonstrating continuous investment in business strategy, mission, and clear vision of M.O.I, with the goal of becoming a leading cosmetics brand in Vietnam and a worthy candidate for the Best Local Makeup Brand Of The Year 2023 award.

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