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GAM Esports and LOUD: Epic Showdown at MSI 2024 - Play-In Stage

Vi Cao

Vi Cao

GAM Esports and LOUD: Epic Showdown at MSI 2024 - Play-In Stage

MSI 2024 is a challenging journey for GAM, starting with a swift defeat against Fnatic (the European champions) in the opening match. In the decisive game of Group B, the clash between GAM Esports and LOUD culminated in a dramatic 2-1 victory for GAM.

Following the loss to Fnatic, GAM Esports had to restart from the losers’ bracket in the MSI 2024 playoffs. Here, the VCS champions encountered LOUD, the opponent they had defeated in the 2023 World Championship finals. In this rematch, GAM faced numerous difficulties, especially in the first game.

 Preparing for the GAM Esports vs. LOUD match at MSI 2024

Match Recap: GAM Esports vs LOUD at MSI 2024 Group Stage

Game 1

In this match, GAM opted for an aggressive lineup with Renekton – Xin Zhao – Ahri trio, while LOUD aimed for late-game dominance with Azir paired with Senna – Tahm Kench in the bot lane. GAM’s Easylove took on the task of piloting Tristana, while Kiaya assumed the role of “Crocodile God” in the top lane. Both teams started cautiously with few surprises. However, in an attempt to secure the Scuttle Crabs, GAM suffered two casualties against LOUD, creating difficulties in controlling major objectives for GAM.

EasyLove in GAM Esports and LOUD match at MSI 2024

The initial advantages allowed LOUD to easily secure the first Dragon and all 6 Rift Scuttlers. They continuously capitalized on this advantage by dismantling GAM’s outer turrets in just over 10 minutes. At the 18-minute mark, Kiaya fell victim to an onslaught from all four members of LOUD and was quickly eliminated. Almost the entire map was under LOUD’s control. Although GAM made efforts to reclaim two kills, in a subsequent skirmish at Baron pit, GAM suffered two more casualties but left Levi behind.

LOUD swiftly attacked and claimed the Baron. Although unable to secure the Baron, GAM managed to eliminate two members of LOUD and interrupt their Dragon streak. However, the remaining three buffs allowed LOUD to push into the top lane and unleash a super minion wave after Easylove was taken down by Robo.

Despite Levi’s attempts to stall LOUD from finishing the game at the 25-minute mark, LOUD still held too many advantages, forcing GAM into continuous defense. Ultimately, at the 25-minute mark, a successful skirmish by LOUD concluded the match, giving them the lead in the series.

Game 2

In this match, Levi and Kiaya created a more stable laning phase for GAM. However, a “Bloodthirsty” move by Robo cost Kiaya his first life on GAM’s top lane, while Croc swiftly took three of GAM’s Rift Scuttlers.

GAM decided to forfeit the first Water Dragon so that Levi could support Kiaya on the top lane. Although their tower dive was relatively successful with Kiaya continuing to eliminate Robo, LOUD also managed to reclaim Elio’s life, allowing them to secure all three Rift Scuttlers.


At the 14-minute mark, GAM initiated a beautifully executed team fight, but the stellar performance of Tinowns’ Taliyah and Croc’s Viego shone through, enabling LOUD to mount a strong counterattack and secure the second Dragon. Immediately after, Levi and Kiaya took down two members of LOUD’s bottom lane. Although LOUD’s continued counteroffensive efforts caused them to fall behind, GAM managed to regain some momentum and morale.

However, a skirmish in the mid-lane resulted in Levi and Kiaya being taken down, allowing LOUD to easily claim the Baron buff. Despite GAM’s defensive efforts to take down Robo and hold onto the mid-lane, LOUD continued to secure the third Dragon soul, widening the gold gap between the two sides.

Continuing their familiar aggressive playstyle, LOUD had little trouble taking down the top lane turrets and retreating. LOUD’s map control was too strong for GAM to push out their minions. GAM’s efforts led to a spectacular counterattack as LOUD overextended, ultimately helping GAM secure their first victory at MSI 2024.

Game 3


In the decisive match, EMO opted for Akali to face off against Tiknowns’ Azir, while Kiaya and Levi stuck to champions that suited their styles. GAM started strong and maintained control over the game’s flow. Mistakes from LOUD provided favorable conditions for GAM.

Wins in team fights helped GAM control the map and gain an early advantage. In a skirmish at 18 minutes, GAM emerged victorious, allowing them to release the Herald to take down a turret and secure a kill on LOUD’s jungler, Croc.


At 32 minutes, a vision error by LOUD made them vulnerable to GAM. Easylove’s Double Kill opened the door to victory for GAM as they secured the fourth Dragon’s soul and the Baron buff.

GAM capitalized on these advantages in subsequent team fights. At 35 minutes, GAM launched a strong counterattack, taking down multiple members of LOUD, and sealing their impressive 2-1 victory. This crucial step allows GAM to keep their chances alive at MSI 2024.

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The emotions ran high among GAM members in the GAM Esports versus LOUD match at MSI 2024


Both Levi and the young players faced psychological pressure. Recognizing this issue, the team rallied and encouraged each other to perform better. Speaking about the strategy for the next match, team captain Levi stated that GAM would approach it with a fearless spirit, giving their all, and ensuring it wouldn’t be an easy game for Fnatic.

Following the victory in the GAM Esports versus LOUD match at MSI 2024, EMO, the mid-laner of GAM Esports, shared that he was very happy and felt relieved compared to before the match. This win came as a surprise to the entire team. The first day of competition made the team nervous and emotionally unstable, especially playing in front of a large audience. However, today, the team felt less pressure and just focused on giving their best. To face the next opponent, GAM needs to train hard and maintain a positive mindset for the upcoming match. When asked about his level of confidence when facing Fnatic again, EMO expressed confidence because he wanted to avenge the previous defeat.

 The Play-In Stage group for MSI 2024 (according to

The Play-In Stage group for MSI 2024 (according to


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