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GAM announces a special jersey for the Worlds 2022



GAM announces a special jersey for the Worlds 2022

After winning the 2022 Summer VCS Championship, GAM is officially the No. 1 representative of the Vietnam region in the World Finals held in the US. In preparation for this competition, GAM introduces a new jersey for Worlds 2022 with a combination of traditional cultural elements and modern motifs.

Defeating Saigon Buffalo with an overwhelming 3-0 score in the Finals, GAM became the Champion of VCS Summer 2022, the highest-level professional tournament of League of Legends in Vietnam. With the title of the Champion of the VCS Summer 2022 tournament, GAM Esports will be the number 1 seed of the Vietnam region entering the Group stage of Worlds 2022 in New York – USA.

GAM introduces new jerseys for Worlds 2022

Vietnamese culture is a huge treasure of knowledge that has been protected, preserved, and promoted for thousands of years. The design of this jersey for Worlds 2022 is inspired by the image of the “Dong Son” Drum and the “Lac” bird.

The “Dong Son” Drum is meant to affirm the values ​​of tradition and profound humanistic ethics of the Vietnamese nation throughout the history of nation building and defense, with many ups and downs, still standing proudly. The “Dong Son” Drum usually belongs to the leaders and is a symbol of power. 

Jersey of the world

In the middle of the drum, there is usually a 12-14-pointed star, but the design of the shirt is changed into a 5-pointed star symbol on the Vietnamese national flag. In addition, the image of the star in the center of the chest is also an element that has appeared throughout GAM’s jersey versions since VCS Winter 2021. Next is the integration of “Dong Son” Drum motifs through modern geometric lines combined with ancient patterns of “Dong Son” Drums to preserve, inherit and promote the good tradition left by our ancestors. Along the two sides of the shirt is the image of the “Lac” bird expressing the desire to rise and conquer the high and wide sky. 

Mr. Huynh Nguyen Thanh Binh – Art Director of NRG Asia said:

“We use the image of two “Lac” birds to represent the two representatives of VCS coming to the World Finals, bringing the pride and identity of Vietnam to the world. After perfecting the idea, we found that the lines of the two Lac birds showed the power to help the shirt look like a battle robe for the warriors to go to battle. GAM wants the world players to remember the identity of Vietnam through traditional cultural images, thereby expressing the spirit of national pride, contributing to the imprint of the Vietnamese people in the international competition.”

About Worlds 2022

Worlds is the biggest annual event in League of Legends, bringing together the 24 strongest teams from the regions to claim the highest honor. Worlds 2022 will be held in Mexico and the United States from September 29 to November 7. After two years of VCS’s absence from the biggest League of Legends tournament, Vietnamese teams are eager to show themselves in this international playground.

World 2022

About NRG Asia

NRG Asia is the management, media, and representation company for rising eSports players in Southeast Asia, founded by a joint venture between NRG Esports and CMG.ASIA. NRG Asia has completed its first deal to own the League of Legends team in Vietnam – GAM. With GAM being a 7-time team champion of the highest level tournament in Vietnam and a Gold Medal at SEA Games 31, NRG Asia will provide resources, and infrastructure, and aim to bring back the League championship and the first Worlds title for GAM.

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