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CMG.ASIA "invests" 1.5 million USD into Hello Health Group

Biz Live

Biz Live

CMG.ASIA "invests" 1.5 million USD into Hello Health Group

Hello Health Group, the world’s leading healthcare group, has just announced its successful capital raise of $ 1.5 million from investment group CMG.ASIA and other businesses.

CMG.ASIA owns and operates California Fitness & Yoga, one of the largest fitness companies in Vietnam.

1.5 million USD of the capital raise is accumulated from CMG.ASIA Group and Mr. Charles Toome, former Global General Director of DKSH Medical Company (Thailand), as well as other strategic investors.

Hello Health Group has also announced Randy Dobson as their new Chairman, he is also the Founder of CMG.ASIA and sits as the Chairman of CMG.ASIA board of directors. 

Aside from California Fitness and Yoga, CMG.ASIA also owns and operates 18 different brands in the fitness, entertainment, media, and medical service sectors.


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