For nearly two decades, CMG.ASIA has successfully navigated the ever changing Asian markets; building innovative companies that closely track prevailing trends while relying on sound leadership principles to guide the way. The result is an ecosystem of portfolio companies that deliver exceptional value to partners and clients alike. As a leading player in Southeast Asia’s dynamic lifestyle sectors, including sports, fitness, beauty, medical, media, tech, and entertainment, CMG.ASIA has a proven track record of developing and growing high-performance companies.

The firm’s hands-on approach and extensive experience have helped it create, manage, and invest in some of the region’s most successful lifestyle brands. At CMG.ASIA, the belief that company culture is key to success is at the heart of its philosophy.

By prioritizing the cultivation of a “High Performance Leadership Culture” both internally and within its portfolio companies, CMG.ASIA has helped multiple early-stage businesses reach category-leading status. This approach has resulted in combined enterprise values exceeding half a billion dollars.

Randy G. Dobson

Randy Dobson is the Chairman of CMG.ASIA, a leading firm in the lifestyle and wellness industry. He has been recognized for his expertise with numerous business awards and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes. Randy is a visionary entrepreneur with over two decades of experience creating and growing successful businesses, including the largest gym chain in Vietnam, California Fitness & Yoga.

In 2019, CMG successfully exited its fitness and beauty clinic businesses for a valuation of over $200 million. Through CMG's start-up accelerator, Randy has launched successful ventures and advocates for entrepreneurship and business leadership, centered on cultivating a leadership culture and developing category-leading companies.
Huyen Phan

Huyen Phan is a Managing Partner of CMG.ASIA with over a decade of experience. She joined the company in 2009 and played a key role in its growth and success from a fitness company to a multi-disciplinary venture builder, leading the media division and managing projects and campaigns.

As Managing Partner, Huyen oversees daily operations, production, and business planning for multiple portfolio businesses and fosters a results-driven, accountable work environment. With her strong background in communication and marketing, she is a valuable mentor to the executive teams of CMG’s portfolio investments, providing critical insights for scaling a business from early stage to market leader.