CMG.ASIA is the culmination of over two decades of innovation & leadership across multiple industries that have been brought together to form a “Life Enhancement Ecosystem” of portfolio companies which generate exceptional value for our partner’s & client’s lives.

Over more than a decade CMG.ASIA has created, managed and invested in some of the most successful lifestyle brands currently operating in Southeast Asia. We have extensive hands on experience and a proven track record developing and growing companies in a diverse number of lifestyle sectors; including Tech, Fitness, Beauty, Medical, Media & Entertainment.

From CMG.ASIA’s inception, we’ve maintained the belief that company culture is our most valuable asset and we continually focus on cultivating a “High Performance Culture” in our own organization and that of the companies which make up our ecosystem. This philosophy has allowed us to help grow early stage businesses into category kings who’s combined enterprise values exceed more than half a billion dollars.

Randy G. Dobson

Randy is the Founder and Chairman of CMG.ASIA & a leading international figure in the lifestyle & wellness industry. He has been honored with multiple business awards & featured on many leading publications including Forbes, as the first foreign business person in Vietnam on the cover. In 2007 Randy started what became the largest gym chain in Vietnam - California Fitness & Yoga then extended the portfolio of companies to include 5 different fitness brands, Japanese beauty Clinics, and an advertising agency with nearly $100 million in annual revenues. In 2019 CMG exited it's fitness & beauty clinic businesses at a valuation of over $200 million. Subsequently, CMG’s start-up accelerator has launched multiple successful ventures including Hello Health Group, RED2 Digital, LEEP.APP, NRG Asia Esports & M.O.I Cosmetics. Considered a thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurship & business leadership, Randy’s philosophy is built on the principles of continually cultivating a leadership culture while developing companies that have the potential to become category kings in their sectors.
Huyen Phan

Starting as a Communication and Marketing Manager in international hospitality, Huyen Phan came to CMG.ASIA in 2009 played an important role in the development and success of the organization. She leads the Media division of CMG.ASIA with many years of successful project management & campaign launches during the company’s rise to the leading fitness & lifestyle conglomerate in Vietnam. She is now Managing Partner and COO, acting as the lead for several of the company’s portfolio businesses taking responsibility for daily operations, product planning, production, and business planning. Additionally, she is in charge of fostering a success-oriented, accountable environment within the company, motivating and leading high-performance management teams.